Thursday, December 12, 2013

SleepEatGolf Offering Lowest Price International Business Class Airline Tickets

International Business Class Airfare More Affordable Than You Think

There are two problems with flying overseas:
  1. The amount of time it takes
  2. Flying Economy Class on a U.S. airline
A 9 to 20 hour flight on a U.S. airline in Economy sucks. Even U.S. airline Business Class pales in comparison to the standard that international carriers provide in their Business Class sections.

Fly in Luxury

You probably think that International Business Class airfare is out of your budget. If you're searching online for deals or dealing direct with airlines then you are correct. 

Think you can use your miles program to upgrade? Think again. I've rarely heard of anyone who gets the dates they want without it already being sold out, blacked out or having to use three times the amount of miles you're led to believe it will cost. 

It's nearly impossible to find a deal on airfare tickets in this day and age. Most large travel sites prices vary only by a few dollars these days. Fortunately SleepEatGolf can help you travel in luxury on your overseas trip on an International Business Class ticket. 

Gourmet Food

We're not talking about budget or U.S. carriers. You can obtain International Business Class airline tickets on top of the line airlines like Lufthansa, Virgin, British Airways, Aeroflot and many others from European or U.S. origins. 

We've partnered up with a 100% legitimate, no hidden costs, airline consolidator who can provide you with the absolute lowest prices for individuals or groups without blackout dates. You will save hundreds of dollars on posted fares and the extra amount you spend on a Business Class ticket on an international airliner will be money well spent on long haul trips. 

Imagine arriving to your destination well-rested and actually enjoying a flight overseas, dining on gourmet food, sleeping on flat bed seats, having extra leg-room and really experiencing what flying should be all about. Most business class tickets also allow you lounge access at the airport instead of wandering around aimlessly or sitting for hours at a Starbucks waiting for your flight to board.

Affordable Fare

Contact me via our main SleepEatGolf site with your travel dates, airport origin and destination for a free quote and then search in vain to find a lower price. We're confident you won't find a lower price. When you're ready to purchase tickets we will put you in direct contact with our partner who has over 20 years experience selling airfare and the tickets will be issued in your name and you will arrange payment. There is no catch to this or anything additional to sign up for. 

You can afford to fly in luxury on International Business Class like the rich and famous, but searching for last minute deals or hoping for an upgrade from the airlines are a thing of the past. Send me a message for a quote and see for yourself. 

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